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Meet Other Students

I fitted my study in around my work. My trainer was very good to work with. Good communication and support from GTI.

Wenqing Wang

Doing the course online, in my own time was well worth it as I could do it around my work. The support from GTI was excellent. They took interest in my studies and future goals.

Somrudi Hawkins

The Course was easy to achieve since I could do it in my own time, online.  The support was excellent! I would really recommend it.

Fabrizio Garzon

The GTI support team were very helpful and always provided the right information when assisting me. All aspects of the course were helpful in developing my work skills. I would recommend this course as a good step in career development.

Nor Baharuddin

I have 3 x Diplomas with GTI and am now planning to go to University. I work overseas in Laos and have sessions with my Teacher via skype and emails, and I use the Online Area for everything. The business courses have all been great and it made me confident to apply for higher positions at work, which I now have. The support from GTI is excellent. I would recommend the training to others 100% – very good College, good Teachers and very helpful staff.

Michael Schroers

Excellent support. The course was easy to work through. The Teachers were friendly and very helpful. I learnt lots of new strategies I can use at work.

Rosanna Smith

Every time I needed help, there was always someone on the other end and willing to help.  Our tutorials were very useful.  It was great to be able to use my experience towards the assessment.  Really practical and useful course.

Jose Carlos Revilla