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High School and University Foundation Course Pathways

Pathway to Australian High Schools or a University Foundation Course from GTI HSP

GTI prepares students to be ‘High School Ready’ for study at a range of High Schools or University Foundation Courses in Australia.


  1. Contact your own choice of High School and then prepare your child with English and High School Preparation with GTI before they come to Australia
  2. We can put you in touch with our partnered High Schools who welcome International students

How it works
1. Enrol in a GTI HSP Course to match your English Level.
2. Many of our Partnered High Schools will also give you a Conditional Letter of Offer, when you enrol at GTI, that says that when you have completed the GTI HSP course to match their English Requirement level, then you can enrol at their School.  NO IELTS or English Exams required.
3. When you are close to completing your GTI course, you can finalise enrolment at your High School in Australia, and apply for your Student Visa*.

Below is some of our Pathway High Schools

Secondary High School in Australia

Australian Government and Private High Schools welcome international students. An education from an Australian High School is highly regarded internationally.  Australian High Schools offer students an inclusive school culture, first-class teaching and learning, an opportunity to gain high-level English language skills, and experience an Australian lifestyle.

*Studying High School in Australia

To study in Australia at High School, you will need to get a Student Visa.  For all Student Visa details please discuss with your preferred High School and visit https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Stu