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High School Preparation

High School Preparation (HSP) is an intensive English program designed for international students wanting Direct Entry to High School or a University Foundation Course in an English Speaking Country such as Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand and the UK.

GTI High School Preparation is designed to:

  • Help students to be ‘High School Ready’ or ‘University Foundation Course Ready’
    and save thousands of dollars and months of time attending an English College overseas
  • Help students to achieve suitable results that meet the necessary prerequisite level of English for entry into a High School
  • Help students improve their English skills, so they avoid a long English language course overseas and have a smooth transition into High School studies
  • Develop students’ English vocabulary in relation to the common High School subjects they will study
  • Help students prepare for the ‘culture shock’ of living and studying in a foreign country

HSP is an English Improvement and Preparation Program.  Students may still need to complete an independent English Language Test to satisfy English Entry Requirements for particular Schools.

Course Levels and Qualifications Awarded
HSP caters to students of all levels of English proficiency
Students will be awarded an Australian Government Accredited Qualification in English, at the successful completion of each HSP Level.
HSP Level 1 – Beginner English – A1 – (Certificate I in English as an Additional Language Awarded)
HSP Level 2 – Elementary English – A2 – (Certificate II in English as an Additional Language Awarded)
HSP Level 3 – Pre-Intermediate – B1 – (Certificate III in English as an Additional Language Awarded)
HSP Level 4 – Intermediate to Upper Intermediate – B2 – (Certificate IV in English as an Additional Language Awarded)

Start at your current English level and ‘Level Up’ through the GTI courses until you reach the English Entry level required for chosen Country and High School.

Students will also receive a GTI ‘HSP Certificate of Completion’ stating the topics covered in their HSP Course.

Course Delivery

Each HSP Level course includes:  

  • Australian Government Accredited Qualification in English, awarded at the successful completion of each HSP Level
  • GTI HSP Certificate of Completion stating topics covered in HSP program – awarded at the successful completion of each HSP Level HSP
  • Interactive online English lessons
  • Hard Copy workbooks
  • Weekly online English Classes – 3 x 2 hrs – English – Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening and a HSP topic specific eg subject specific vocabulary – mathematics, science, arts, technology; essay writing; communicating with English speakers; living overseas…
  • Students in online Classes are also under 19 years (small groups)
  • Opportunities to practice English conversation with other students and Tutors
  • Subject-specific language they will encounter during their High School studies.
  • Optional GTI IELTS Test Preparation Program
  • FREE Weekly College Activity – Karaoke, Lets Chat…


20 Weeks per HSP Certificate Level  + 4 weeks to complete coursework and submit assessments.

Start at your current English level and ‘Level Up’ until you reach the English Entry level required for your chosen Country and High School.

For example – if your current English level is IELTS 3.0 and your School requires a IELTS 5.5 then you will need to complete HSP Level 2, HSP Level 3 and HSP Level 4.

Assessment & Progress Reporting

HSP assessment for each Level is designed to prepare students for the assessment structure they will encounter at high school. This approach ensures that our HSP students are equipped with the best study skills to achieve academic success when they continue on to their high school studies.

Some typical assessment tasks include:

  • essay writing
  • report writing
  • spoken (oral) tasks
  • research assignments

We also provide regular progress reporting to ensure that students are on track with their learning goals.

At the completion of each HSP Level, students must achieve the benchmark GTI pass rate of 80% before they can Level Up.  Additional time can be allocated to the student so they can reach the English level required – extra tuition fees may apply as per GTI Fee Schedule.

HSP Staff

HSP is taught by Australian Teachers who have a wealth of classroom teaching experience.  They are all Qualified and Registered to teach within Australian Schools.  They understand what it takes for students to be successful at living in another country and studying at high school, when English is not their first language.

Pathway to Australian High Schools from GTI HSP

GTI prepares students to be ‘High School Ready’ for study at a range of High Schools in Australia.


  1. Contact your own choice of High School and then prepare your child with English and High School Preparation with GTI before they come to Australia
  2. We can put you in touch with our partnered High Schools who welcome International students

Entry Requirements

English Language
HSP Level 1 – A1 /
IELTS* under 3.0
HSP Level 2 – A2/
IELTS* 3.0 – 4.0
HSP Level 3 – B1/
IELTS* 4.0 – 5.0
HSP Level 4 – B2/
IELTS* 5.0 – 6.0

FREE English Level Placement Test to confirm enrolment at suitable HSP level
*IELTS or Equivalent Test Results

Academic Requirements
Average to strong academic results for the last 2 years

Documentation Required
Copy of English Test Results (within last 1 year)
Copy of school results from last 2 years

12 – 17 years

Equipment Required
Studying online with GTI is easy. You just need:
Internet access (stable)
Hardware – Modern Desktop/Laptop Computer; Microphone; Webcam; Headphones/Speakers
Software – Word processor equivalent to Microsoft Office or Open Office; HTML5 compatible internet browser (e.g. Firefox/Chrome)

Hours recommended each week
16 hours minimum including:
3 x 2 hours live online classes with teacher each week
10 hours online lessons and homework

Course Fees
Enrolment Fee: $200 (1st Level only)
Materials Fee: $250 per HSP Level Course
Tuition Fees: $6000 – 5 x $1200 per HSP Level Course

If student does not complete or pass the English level within the course duration, then additional fees will apply, as per Fee Schedule.

*Only for your 1st course with GTI

 Meet Beth – One of our HSP
English Teachers

Meet Megan one of our HSP
English Teachers

FREE Weekly Activity

Secondary High School in Australia

Australian Government and Private High Schools welcome international students.
An education from an Australian High School is highly regarded internationally.

Australian High Schools offer students an inclusive school culture, first-class teaching and learning, an opportunity to gain high-level English language skills, and experience an Australian lifestyle.

In Australia, all teaching and learning is conducted in English (except other language studies) so students must have completed one of the following to meet requirements:

Entry requirements vary between schools depending on the state or territory you will be studying in. Academic performance and ability is considered during the application process.

Entry requirements for High School may include:

  • Secondary studies conducted in English for a minimum of two years OR:
  • English Proficiency Test Score
  • Queensland – Minimum IELTS (International English language Testing System) score of 4.0 for Years 7-8 or 4.5 for Year 9 or 5.0 for Year 10 or 5.5 for Year 11 or equivalent results in another approved English language test (including TOEFL, TOEFL Junior, AEAS and STEP Eiken).
  • New South Wales – a IELTS minimum score of 5.0 (for years 7-10) or 5.5 (for year 11) or equivalent English test results.

High School Subjects 

High school subjects are varied and engaging they may include:

  • english language
  • mathematics (with extensions/ higher level study)
  • science (biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science)
  • information technology
  • design and technology
  • creative arts (music, art, drama)
  • economics
  • business studies
  • legal studies
  • geography
  • history (ancient and modern)
  • health and  physical education

For Further Details about attending High School in Australia

Australia – general information: www.studyinaustralia.gov.au/global/apply-to-study/entry-requirements

Queensland – www.qld.gov.au/education/international/qualifications/school/pages/programs.html

New South Wales – www.decinternational.nsw.edu.au/study/schools/international-students

Stay home while you become ‘High School Ready with our GTI HSP Programs and then live overseas while you study at High School