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Beginner English
Certificate I in EAL (Access)

Learn to speak and write basic English. You will be talking and writing about yourself and the everyday things you do in your life eg. Where you live, your name, introduce yourself, shopping, going to the doctor, restaurants… Learn how to speak English so that others can easily understand you.

Start now so that you will be able to use English confidently in the future.

Qualification Code & Title
22250VIC Certificate I in EAL (Access)

Course Delivery
You will be well supported and able to learn English.  Instructions also come in many languages to help you.You will be studying online, participating in Live online classes and tutorials, watching videos, using modern interactive multimedia materials, completing computer activities, working with your Teacher and Tutors, practicing your speaking whilst making new friends with other students.

24 weeks
– 20 weeks tuition plus 4 weeks to complete assessments
– students can commence on any Monday throughout the calendar year.

Certificate I (Access) outcomes focus on the development of English language speaking, listening, reading and writing skills directly related to immediate personal and social needs. You will be taught across the CEFR A1 level with a view to graduating at an approximate IELTS level of 3.0

Units To Complete

Plan language learning with support
– VU21454

Participant in short simple exchanges
– VU21451

Read and write short, simple informational and instructional texts
– VU21448

Give and respond to short, simple verbal instructions and information
– VU21450

Use basic digital technology language and skills
– VU21446

Read and write short simple messages and forms
– VU21449

Recognise and use basic mathematical symbols and processes
– VU20940

Use recipes to prepare food
– VU21044

Pathways to Further Study
Graduates from this course will be awarded a Certificate I in EAL (Access) and may exit at an IELTS level 3.0.  On successful completion, graduate may undertake further English study and enrol in ‘Functional English’ – Certificate II in EAL (Access)

Materials Provided
Everything you need is provided – Hardcopy workbook and resource pack sent to you; online strategies, resources and interactive learning activities to help you succeed in your studies; FREE Pronunciation course and digital software to help you improve your speaking.

Entry Requirements

English Language
IELTS under 3.0
OR equivalent English Test OR GTI Placement Test

Documentation Required
English Test Results (within last 2 years if using this as English Entry Requirement)

Completed Australian Year 10 equivalent

16 years Minimum

Equipment Required
Studying online with GTI is easy. You just need:
Internet access (stable)
Hardware – Modern Desktop/Laptop Computer; Microphone; Webcam; Headphones/Speakers
Software – Word processor equivalent to Microsoft Office or Open Office; HTML5 compatible internet browser (e.g. Firefox/Chrome)

Hours recommended each week
15 hours minimum

Course Fees
all fees in Australian Dollars
Enrolment Fee*: $200
Materials Fee: $250
Tuition Fee: $4800
4 payments x $1200

*Only for your 1st course with GTI