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Agent Information

Here at GTI we value our Representative Agents.  Together we make a ‘World of Difference’ as we provide Skills, Knowledge and Hope to our students throughout the world. Students that you refer to us gain skills and an Australian Qualification in English, Business or Management.  This really improves their opportunities for further study, work, business, travel and personal development.

EVERYONE you see can benefit from studying with us.

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They can:

  • Stay Home. Study Online. Save $10,000’s
  • Improve their English and English test scores – Beginner to advanced level courses
  • Gain Australian English, Business and Management Qualifications
  • Start next week – No Visa needed

Students can then choose to:

  1. Study in Australia at University OR
  2. Study Online with an Australian University OR
  3. Use their GTI qualifications to gain jobs, promotions, business or travel opportunities

This page provides all the essential information to refer students to us. 

New Agents – Become a GTI Representative Agent

Want to join our network of Agents and work with Australia’s Leading Online Training College?

Discover all the benefits to you at becoming one of our GTI representative agents. Click the button below to discover this information in the following languages: 日本語, 한국어, 中文(简体), 中文 (繁體), हिन्दी

Existing Agents

Referral Partner Centre

All approved marketing materials, commissions earned and information about GTI is available in your personal Referral Partner Centre.  Please contact us if you need help to locate and use your library.

You’ll find all of our Brochures, a great range of images and more.  If you can’t find what you need in your Centre, just ask us.

  • All Downloads
  • 2017 Brochure
  • Course Flyers – GTI Overview – English Quals, Business Quals, University & College Pathways
  • Price List Admissions and Forms
  • Logos and Logo Guidelines

Get the latest news from GTI – including what we’re doing in marketing, our major promotions, and other interesting events

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Marketing our College

Remember that you may only use/translate the marketing and other information available on this website or in your Referral Partner Centre.  Please contact us if you need further information.

University & College Pathways

Have students who wish to study in Australia or study online from an Australian University in the future?  We have strong links with Universities and Colleges in Australia for direct enrolments and credit transfer from our courses.

For an up-to-date list of agreements and credit transfer with other Australian Universities and Colleges

Brochure & Promotional Material Orders

Need more brochures or materials to help promote GTI?  Then this is the place to get them.  Fill out the form and tell us what you need

Contact Information

We’re here to support both our Representative Agents and students.  If you have any questions, or need assistance with anything, you find all the details you need at this location.

Representative Agents – International Students
Global Training Institute is able to take direct enrolments as well as from our network of Representative Agents, throughout the world.

Representative or Educational Agents can offer additional support in helping you make a decision on where to study as well as assist you later with visas, travel and accommodation, should you choose to study in Australia.  If you prefer to use an Agent in your area, simply let them know that you wish to study with Global Training Institute.

A list of Australian Qualified education agents can also be found here.

Education Agent Training Course